Why PCC?



When you’re first diagnosed with prostate cancer, it’s easy to feel alone. After all, how could anyone who’s cancer-free begin to understand?

That’s why so many men and their families find comfort in the warmth and the camaraderie at the Prostate Cancer Center (PCC) in Camp Hill.

Unlike other cancer centers that treat everything from breast cancer to uterine cancer, most PCC patients are going through the exact same thing … which means you never feel alone.

In fact, so many of our patients form lasting bonds during their treatment that an informal fraternity of survivors has evolved at the Prostate Cancer Center. Feeling a deep connection, these “veterans” meet on a monthly basis to continue sharing their journeys, their friendship, their hopes and their dreams.

And because prostate cancer is our focus, our staff is uniquely sensitive to each patient’s personal struggle. In fact, it is widely recognized that PCC patients enjoy a level of professional support and understanding that is unique to cancer treatment in Central PA.

It’s always a wonderful thing to feel understood.

When you’re battling prostate cancer, it’s a virtual life-saver.

From the time of your diagnosis to the end of treatment, the experts at the Prostate Cancer Center are there for you, ready to answer your questions and allay any concerns you may have.

Your urologist may send you for a consultation with our radiation oncologist to assess whether your cancer is appropriate for radiation therapy and to learn more about all your treatment options.

The radiation therapy course will be thoroughly explained to you. We will also discuss specific radiation treatment expectations, side effects and potential risks.