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    In light of the COVID-19 situation, UPMC UCPA has successfully transitioned our patient appointments to video appointments. Telemedicine/Telehealth has been around for a while but has become widely used in the last couple of weeks and covered by all insurances.

    What’s great about:

    1. It’s incredibly easy to use – you just need a smart phone or computer
    2. Like an office visit, it enables a private conversation between you and your doctor
    3. You don’t have to leave your house and can maintain social distancing
    4. Most importantly, we can continue to address your health care questions and concerns

    Our providers are also available for your urgent and emergent needs. We appreciate that you have trusted us with your care and we would like to continue supporting you.

    If you would like to set up an appointment, please call us: Harrisburg 717-724-0720 or Camp Hill 717-763-1174

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    *Please note – Patients with iOS have had some difficulty with video visits and may wish to use another browser (Chrome, Explorer) for their call.
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    Telemedicine Services Now Available for Patients

    To provide the best continuity of care, convenience, and safety for our patients, we are now offering telemedicine services as an option for patients who qualify for virtual visits.

    Telemedicine services offer a critical method of communication with your healthcare providers by giving patients remote access to certain care in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

    Existing patients are encouraged to change their appointments to telemedicine visits during this time of social distancing, unless the issue is urgent or emergent.

    Most insurances cover telemedicine virtual appointments the same way they would a regular office visit during this coronavirus crisis. Please call your insurance provider to verify.

    For the safety of patients and staff, if you have an in-office appointment and are experiencing the following symptoms: fever, difficulty breathing; shortness of breath, cough, diarrhea, recent loss of taste and/or smell, etc. that is not explained by another health condition, please call our office to reschedule your in-office visit to a telemedicine visit.

    Call our Harrisburg office at 717-724-0720 or Camp Hill office at 717-763-1174 to see if you qualify or to schedule your appointment.

    Most appointments are able to be done remotely, but unfortunately, not all issues are suitable for telemedicine. For that reason, we will accommodate those patients with in-office appointments utilizing precautionary screenings prior to the appointment, increased disinfection procedures in the office, social distancing as possible, and other precautionary measures as recommended by the CDC.

    As physicians, we know that delaying care often leads to greater issues down the road. Our team has worked diligently to provide this telemedicine option so our patients can receive the best care possible.

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