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“Most intensive pain I ever felt”: Kidney stones more common in men and could be sign of more serious health problems to come, docs say

Tony Monko has never given birth, but he says he’s experienced the closest thing to it – passing a kidney stone.

“It was the most intense pain I’ve ever felt,” said the 50-year-old Carroll Township man, who has also weathered multiple broken bones, shingles and recurrent Lyme disease. “The first one I had is really just a blur because I was in such pain that I was really out of it.”

Monko has passed two kidney stones – one when he was age 22 and one last August. An MRI showed he has another stone in his right kidney, but it hasn’t caused him any pain or problems yet.

Just knowing it’s there, however, is an unpleasant thought. “I’m just waiting for the pain,” he said with a half smile, half grimace on his face.

“The pain is excruciating. It puts people on their knees,” agreed Dr. R. Scott Owens, of Urology of Central Pennsylvania, Inc. in Camp Hill. “It’s the one thing that will make people cancel vacations. It’s hard because they come on so suddenly, you can literally be doing something one minute and be down with pain the next.”