About Us

Plain and simple, prostate cancer isn’t like other cancers.

That is why the doctors of Urology of Central PA (UCPA), the region’s largest Urology practice, formed the Prostate Cancer Center (PCC) … to deal with the unique challenges of prostate cancer and how they can affect each patient’s life.

From their decades of experience, UCPA’s experts became convinced the sensitive issues surrounding prostate cancer would be best served in an environment that was devoted to its specific care and treatment.

For this reason, the Prostate Cancer Center has a dedicated focus.

At the Prostate Cancer Center, you will have the most experienced and advanced prostate treatment. You will also receive care that is finely attuned to the personal challenges that can arise with this increasingly common diagnosis.

In the end, patients and referring doctors put their confidence in the specialists at the Prostate Cancer Center, an integral component of Urology of Central PA and housed at our Camp Hill office.

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