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UCPA Patient Care and Service Updated during Coronavirus Pandemic

UroLift Website Updated to Help Patients

As of May 22, 2018, the UroLift website has been updated to help patients with the new tools. These include:

  • Find Your BPH Symptom Score
  • Watch Patient Testimonial Videos
  • Watch the BPH Webinar patterned as a community health talk (presented by Dr. Gange)
  • Find Educational Events Near You
  • Find a Physician
  • Find a Center of Excellence

Learn more by visiting!


UCPA Supports Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network’s Walk to End Bladder Cancer

UCPA was proud to once again support the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network’s Walk to End Bladder Cancer at City Island on May 12, 2018.


New Prostate Cancer Screening Guidelines Focus on Patient Choice

UCPA encourages men ages 55 to 69 to revisit their need for Prostate Cancer Screenings with their doctors.

The prostate gland normally tends to enlarge in the vast majority of males as they age. For many men, this growth can cause symptoms later in life.

Some researchers are concerned that prostate cancer can be so slow growing that the prescribed treatment and side effects are often worse than the potential consequences of inaction. However, without a PSA test, it would be impossible to know if an early stage cancer will be slow growing or if it is a more aggressive type that can quickly become fatal if left untreated.

As urology specialists with a long and successful track record of treating prostate cancer, our doctors firmly believe that PSA screenings remain essential to managing prostate health. Only when a “normal” baseline reading has been established (preferably by the age of 50) can your doctor watch for any dramatic jump in PSA readings which could indicate the need for urgent action.


UCPA New Offices

UCPA is proud to announce the opening of our new offices located at 815 Sir Thomas Court, in Harrisburg.



Time to Schedule Your March Madness Vasectomy

March Madness

For those done having children, a vasectomy may seem like a good solution for permanent birth control, and urologic practices have figured a way to motivate interested men to schedule the procedure: the promise of recuperating while watching a few days of NCAA March Madness.