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UCPA Patient Care and Service Updated during Coronavirus Pandemic

Urology of Central Pennsylvania: Message to Our Patients

The physicians and staff of UCPA are committed to providing our patients with safe and effective urologic care.  During this time of national emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic we continue to be thoughtful in our clinical decisions when meeting the clinical care needs of our patients. 

We are understanding of the unique needs of each individual patient and count on our patients to be active participants in their care.


Resources for Prostate Cancer Patients and Survivors

For prostate cancer patients and survivors seeking support, we encourage you to look into these resources.

As more and more communities are being recommended to enter social isolation in order to protect the spread of the virus, the impacts may feel alienating and scary. If patients find themselves wishing for the human connection and support of another patient, survivor, or caregiver, ZEROConnect is there for them. An online support group that is nearly 2,500 strong, ZEROConnect invites members to share stories, photos, and ask questions of one another.

For patients who are struggling financially, need transportation, or require help navigating the health systems, call (844) 244-1309 for free, comprehensive patient support via ZERO360.

For patients wanting one-on-one support with another patient or survivor, ZERO’s MENtor program can match you with someone who has been in your shoes. ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer’s MENtors are standing by ready to answer your questions and provide you with their insights and lessons learned.


UCPA’s Local Hero Recognized by Capitol Police for Bravery

Everyone at Urology of Central PA is proud to work with our own local hero – Alex Froseth.
Alex witnessed an accident in the Capitol Complex and pulled a person from the car while it was on fire.  She was recognized by the Capitol Police for her heroic actions at the end of January.Alex has worked with UCPA since 2007.  Thanks for making a difference, Alex, at UCPA and in our community.



UCPA’s Dr. Elliott Discusses Leaky Bladders, Botox, and More on Chick2Chick

Do you know the difference between a little leak or a bigger bladder problem? Dr. Elliott discussed great info with Flora Posteraro and Carrie Perry from Chick2Chick.

Leaking urine does NOT need to be a forever problem. Learn how to get your flow under control at an educational seminar about Overactive Bladder on March 16, in Harrisburg. Learn more at:


Local Urology Practice Honored with National Award

The celebration honored the staff of Urology of Central Pennsylvania for their impressive impact in the fight against prostate cancer

Washington, D.C. — On February 23, 2020, ZERO rolled out the “blue” carpet for the second annual Bold for Blue Award Ceremony — a celebration of the passionate and dedicated men, women, and families who have made a bold impact in the fight against prostate cancer. The ceremony was held on the first night of the ZERO Summit, an annual gathering of prostate cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers from all across the country.


Free Screenings Available as Prostate Cancer Deaths Continue to Rise

Prostate cancer deaths are projected to rise again in 2020, but when caught early, the rate of treatment and cure is high. UCPA spoke with abc27’s Pricilla Liguori about the importance of prostate cancer screenings, when men should be screened, and our free screening programs. Watch more here:


ZERO Prostate Cancer’s Bold for Blue Awards Recognizes Dr. Scott Owens

On February 23, 2020, ZERO will once again roll out the “blue” carpet in Washington D.C. for the second annual Bold for Blue Award Ceremony — a celebration of the outstanding men, women, and families who have made a bold impact in the fight against prostate cancer. The award ceremony will be held on the first night of the ZERO Summit.

This year during the Awards, ZERO is excited to unveil the new Impact Awards: honoring three individuals who have gone above and beyond in their community to end prostate cancer. The Impact Awards are a new addition alongside the existing awards to the top 25 ZERO fundraisers, which will again be recognized in 2020.

A hearty congratulations to the first-ever nominees for the Impact Awards: Dr. Scott Owens, Mike Rotz, Valerie Donahue, Maureen Ferguson, Peter Fisher, Mark Good, Chris Hartley, Randy Kam, DeMetrius Kee, Christine McMillan, Joseph Musumeci, Stan Rosenfeld, and Suzanne Schlernitzauer!

ZERO’s National Board of Directors will make the final selection of the 2020 Impact Award winners. We hope you can join us at the ZERO Summit to celebrate these passionate champions along with the ZERO Cancer community. Learn more here:


Beloved Sportscaster Gregg Mace’s Health Battle Prompts Call for Prostate Cancer Screening

Gregg Mace was a well-known and highly-respected sportscaster at abc27 for decades. When he passed away from prostate cancer in November at age 65, his son, Kyle Mace, called for other men to take the initiative to get screened for the disease.

This wonderful piece created by abc27’s Ali Lanyon and team encourages a legacy of life-saving prevention. Dr. Scott Owens of UCPA had the privilege of discussing the importance of prostate cancer screenings and disease trends our physicians have noticed in the midstate with Ali.

Watch the piece here: