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UPMC UCPA Patient Care and Service Updated during Coronavirus Pandemic

Good Rx May Help Patients Save Money on Prescriptions

Urology of Central Pennsylvania constantly looks for opportunities to save our patients time and money. One opportunity we have found is through the Good Rx program.

The Good Rx app discounts can be better than Highmark/Express Scripts pricing with retail pharmacies. By using the Good Rx app, patients can minimize out of pocket expenses for prescriptions and may be able to submit expenses to Express Scripts to be applied to deductibles if you utilize a HSA.

Learn more via the Good Rx flyer below. An Express Scripts claim form is shared below as well.

Please note: if you use a Express Scripts claim form, you must have the pharmacist sign the claim form, so have it printed and ready when you pick up your prescription. You can ask for the cost comparison at the pharmacy as well.


Dr. R. Scott Owens Recognized as UroLift® Center of Excellence

In August 2020, Urology of Central Pennsylvania’s Dr. R. Scott Owens received the designation as a UroLift® Center of Excellence physician. Dr. Owens is the first and only Center of Excellence designee in central Pennsylvania and one of only five designees in the state of Pennsylvania.

UroLift®’s Center of Excellence designation is awarded when physicians achieve a higher level of training and experience with the UroLift® System and have demonstrated a commitment to exemplary care for men suffering from symptoms associated with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH.

To learn more about Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, click here.

To learn more about Dr. R. Scott Owens, click here.

For more information about the UroLift® System, click here.


Battle Against Prostate Cancer goes Virtual with First-Time Online ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk

Urology of Central Pennsylvania and ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer are partnering for the first-ever virtual celebration of our annual ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk on Friday, September 25. This inspiring day traditionally encourages and supports local prostate cancer patients, survivors and caregivers.

This year’s event digital gathering will replace the ZERO Cancer Run/Walk that was initially planned as an in-person event, but retain a community feel and spirit of hope with live interviews, performances, unique activities outdoors and more. Specific event details will be released closer to Friday, September 25.

“While COVID-19 is changing how we get together, it is not changing our passion and dedication to support patients and families through this crisis and celebrate community,” said Jamie Bearse, ZERO CEO and President.

The impact of the pandemic has been significant on prostate cancer patients, survivors and caregivers both financially and emotionally. The ZERO Prostate Cancer Run will show love and support to these families during this difficult time.

Registration for the first-ever virtual Harrisburg ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk Celebration is free. Custom event shirts are available for a donation of $40. Registrants are encouraged to fundraise leading up to the event. All funds raised will provide direct support to local prostate cancer patients and families.

To register, visit Please join us to make a difference!

About ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer
ZERO — The End of Prostate Cancer is the leading national nonprofit with the mission to end prostate cancer. ZERO advances research, improves the lives of men and families, and inspires action. We’re building Generation ZERO, the first generation of men free from prostate cancer, through our national run/walk series, education and patient support programs, and grassroots advocacy. ZERO is a 501(c)(3) philanthropic organization recognized with four out of four stars by Charity Navigator, accredited by the Better Business Bureau, with regional chapters across the country. We dedicate 86 cents of every dollar to research and programs. For more information, visit


Virtual Men’s Health Seminar Discusses Enlarged Prostate Solutions

For men suffering from frequent urination during the day and night, urgency, or difficulty going, you may have Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH. This condition affects more than 40 million men in the U.S. and we see many men in their 40s, 50s, and older with symptoms of BPH. Though BPH negatively impacts men’s quality of life, suffering is unnecessary. Effective treatment options are available. Join us for a virtual men’s health seminar on Thusday, August 13, at either 11:30 a.m. or 7 p.m. This seminar will share more about BPH treatment options, including the UroLift (R) System, that may help relieve your symptoms.

To register, visit


Summer Surprises of 2019

By “Cancer Survivor Al”

Recognizing symptoms, one by one
A deer tick infection, just begun
Set up an appointment with Dr Gus
A blood sample drawn, an identifying must
Results positive, Lyme back in play
Another result, an elevated PSA
A Urologist visit needed, a prostate exam
Biopsy called for, part of a plan
Awaiting results, a bad vibe felt
Early stage cancer, a bad blow dealt
A shot, medication, bringing testosterone down
Then eight weeks of radiation, reason to frown
All things considered, I still feel quite good
Life is a challenge, not always understood
Heart of my Hearts, says I’ll have more good years
For laughing, crying, loving and a few Yuengling beers!


New Minimal Sedation Option Available for Office Procedures

Urology of Central Pennsylvania is now offering the use of Nitrous Oxide for minimal sedation during office procedures, such as vasectomies, prostate biopsies, Rezum, Urolift, and other procedures.

Nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” is a colorless, odorless gas that may be used during procedures for relaxation and anxiety relief. It is opioid-free, narcotic-free and is non-addictive. Patients utilizing our new minimal sedation Nitrous Oxide service will not require a driver and may drive themselves home following the procedure.

Minimal sedation with Nitrous Oxide is not covered by insurance. Patients who are interested in having Nitrous Oxide during their procedure must sign a consent form and an Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) and pay out-of-pocket for the service. Minimal sedation Nitrous Oxide services are available at both the Harrisburg and Camp Hill UCPA locations.

To learn more about our new Nitrous Oxide services and any associated costs, please call our offices at (717) 724-0720 (Harrisburg) or (717) 763-1174 (Camp Hill).


UCPA Offers Test to Clear Chronic Urinary Infections

Working with MicroGen DX, Urology of Central PA now proudly offers a fast, accurate and comprehensive diagnostic test to identify microbes causing chronic urological infections. The two-part test extracts DNA from patient samples and compares it to a database of more than 25,000 species to accurately identify offending microbes. Armed with this new information, our physicians make the most appropriate treatment decisions, resulting in better outcomes and faster pain relief.

Since 1880, the predominate diagnostic tool for identifying microbes has been via traditional cultures that attempt to grow the microbes in a laboratory setting. Unfortunately, testing has identified that less than 1% of microbes grow in cultures, inhibiting proper diagnoses and extending healing time.

UCPA’s work with MicroGen DX Labs provides superior diagnostics with the new two-part test. First, UCPA’s lab will perform an initial urology PCR test to identify the most common bacteria in the infection. Second, a follow-up test called Next-Generation DNA Sequencing (NGS) will identify bacteria and/or fungus that were not found in the initial panel and may be contributing to the urological infection. Advancements in genomic testing provide 99.9% accuracy in the detection of all microbes within a urological infection for targeted treatment decisions.

Testing is easy. Our staff will collect a urine sample at our offices and run it through rapid detection. Our physicians will then determine whether the sample should be sent to the MicroGen DX Laboratory for the NGS test. Test results should be returned in approximately 3 – 5 business days.

Patient costs for the two-part test may vary depending on patient insurance.

If you are dealing with chronic urological infections, please ask your UCPA physician about the new MicroGen DX test. For questions, call our offices at 717-724-0720 or 717-763-1174.


UCPA & ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer Announce 2020 ZERO Prostate Cancer Event

With the best interest of our community and families in mind, ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer and UCPA will hold a virtual celebration in Harrisburg this year.  The 2020 ZERO Prostate Cancer Event will be held on Friday, September 25th as scheduled.

Further details and information about the event will be shared as they become available. Thank you for your support and we look forward to creating a fun, informative and interactive event to honor our prostate cancer patients and community.


UCPA Reopens Surgery Center Following Health & Safety Guidelines

Urology of Central PA reopened our Ambulatory Surgery Center on May 4, with a careful approach to ensure we follow all PA Department of Health and CDC guidelines.

Almost two months ago, we asked you to discuss delaying elective medical and surgical care with your urologist during the COVID-19 threat. Today, we are requesting that you speak with your urologist about resuming your normal care and procedures at UCPA.


Protecting Patients and Staff with the SAFE Approach

At UCPA, we are making every effort to ensure the safety of our staff and patients with some additional protocols in place.

SAFE Approach at UCPA:
Safety protocols: We’ve expanded use of personal protective equipment – for both patients and providers. All of our staff and providers will be wearing masks and following CDC-recommended hand hygiene protocols. We ask that our patients wear masks into the clinic.
Adapting to new ways to treat patients. We will continue to offer telemed/telehealth.
Facility changes – we’ll create more space in the waiting room, fewer patients in the practice at any given day/time, extensive cleaning and sanitation protocols are in place.
Entry into the clinic – everyone will be screened prior to entry.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we work to keep everyone safe!