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Prostate Screening Remains A Crucial Step Despite What Task Force Says

By Dr. Scott Owens

As a practicing urologist for the last 18 years focused on treating men with prostate cancer, I was alarmed by the final recommendation of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force that healthy men should no longer receive prostate specific antigen testing.

Prostate cancer screenings are still key to early detection.

What is truly shocking is that this recommendation was made without a single urologist or oncologist serving on the task force. Had the task force bothered to have a specialist in the field, it might have seen the study published this spring in the New England Journal of Medicine that once again reaffirmed that prostate screening saves lives.


Dr. Owens explains why he wanted to be a urologist

Listen to Dr. Owens explain why he wanted to be a urologist and why he enjoys his profession. “Some of the more rewarding moments is the look on a patients face when you review the pathology, you see that you got the cancer, it’s all contained and they are looking at you and they have this sense of just relief…”


A Clearer Picture Of Prostate Cancer

By Dr. Fred Newton, Prostate Cancer Center,
An integral component of Urology of Central PA
as printed in 50plus Senior News September 2009

Should you test for prostate cancer or shouldn’t you? No doubt you’ve read or heard about recent studies questioning the advisability of PSA screening for prostate cancer.

In brief, some researchers are concerned that prostate cancer can be so slow growing that the prescribed treatment and side effects are often worse than the potential consequences of inaction.

However, should routine PSA testing be discouraged, one very perplexing dilemma remains: How can any unsuspecting patient know for certain if he harbors cancer cells, and if so, whether his particular cancer is slow growing or of the more aggressive type that can quickly become fatal if left untreated?