Minimally-Invasive Robotic Surgery

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    What is Robotic Surgery?

    Robotic surgery or robotic-assisted surgery is a type of minimally-invasive surgery used to operate through a few small incisions using long instruments and a tiny camera.

    Minimally-invasive robotic surgery systems give surgeons complete control over an advanced set of instruments and a high-definition, close-up, 3D view of the surgical area.

    Our surgeons utilize the robotic technology of the da Vinci ® surgery system to perform delicate surgical maneuvers. The instruments are “wristed” and move like a human hand, but with greater range of motion. The surgeon is in complete control of the robotic instrument’s movements.

    Minimally-invasive robotic surgery with the da Vinci ® system has proven to be an important and effective treatment option for most urologic conditions and cancers.

    Why Consider Robotic Surgery?

    From both international data provided by da Vinci ® and data we have gathered from our local offices, minimally-invasive robotic surgery has many benefits for patients.

    We have observed the following positive outcomes from robotic surgery:
    - shorter hospital stays - less pain - decreased blood loss - quicker recovery
    - faster return to normal activity and work - faster return of erectile function and urinary continence - smaller, less noticeable scars

    Choose UPMC UCPA Urologists for Your Robotic Surgery

    The urologists at UPMC Urology of Central PA lead the region in performing urologic robotic surgery. UPMC Urology of Central PA physicians were among the first in the Central PA area to perform robotic-assisted urologic surgery. Since 2006, our physicians have performed more than 2,500 urologic robotic surgeries with excellent results.

    Robotic Surgeries Performed by our Physicians

    Our urologists specialize in many types of robotic urologic surgeries. Since July 1, 2020, our physicians have performed the following surgeries:
    Simple & Radical Prostatectomies for prostate cancer and BPH >1050
    Partial & radical nephrectomies for kidney cancer and benign kidney conditions >400
    Urethral Suspension >220
    Pyeloplasties for UPJ (ureteropelvic junction) obstruction >110
    Radical cystectomies for bladder cancer >35
    Partial Cystectomy for bladder cancer >10
    Sarcrocolpopexy (repair of vaginal prolapse) >40
    Ureteral repairs for ureteral strictures and injuries >30
    Urinary Diversion >37
    We offer these services at UPMC PinnacleHealth.

    We welcome your questions and would be honored to provide a second opinion, if requested.

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