Urology of Central Pennsylvania Computed Tomography (CT)

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    With increasing health care deductibles and plan costs, most people are looking for ways to save money on health care without sacrificing quality. Urology of Central Pennsylvania can help!

    Urology of Central Pennsylvania (UCPA) is pleased to offer high-quality computed tomography (CT or CAT) scans to our community for a fraction of the cost of other local providers.

    Quality Imaging

    Our CT scanner is state-of-the-art and provides high-resolution images that can be viewed by our medical staff and shared electronically with Radiologists and referring providers right away.

    We are also accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR). This accreditation validates the quality of our services and our commitment to working with as many insurance providers as possible.

    Qualified Staff

    The staff at Urology of Central Pennsylvania has both the training and expertise to tailor CT scans to meet each of our patients’ needs to provide the best diagnostic scan possible. We use radiation reduction techniques to obtain the highest quality scans with the lowest possible dosages.

    The Power of Partnerships

    Would you like to save money on a medical service? Of course!

    Thanks to our wonderful relationship with Quantum Imaging and Therapeutic Associates, Urology of Central Pennsylvania is able to provide our CT scans at a convenient location with easy access parking.

    The professional interpretation (reading) will be done by Quantum Imaging and Therapeutic Associates who are the same professionals who provide these services at the hospitals in Central PA.

    Take the time to compare our pricing with the same services at hospital based facilities. Whether you pay out of pocket or are covered by insurance, you will be pleasantly surprised by the cost savings. Having your scan performed at our facility may help keep your overall medical spending lower, which ultimately keeps your healthcare premiums lower in the future.

    Cost Savings for Patients

    We provide CT scans for many different diagnoses beyond urological diagnoses. Depending on the type of test needed, scheduling your CT scan with UCPA may be significantly less expensive.

    Patients may experience cost savings on the same exam, with the same or better CT machine, performed by staff with the same training, and at a considerably more convenient location at UCPA. We are pleased to extend cost savings to all patients in need of a CT scan.

    As with most medical services, please check with your specific insurance plan to ensure you have coverage.

    To learn more, call our CT Imaging office (717) 724-0399 or our offices at (717) 724-0720 in Harrisburg or (717) 763-1174 in Camp Hill or click here.

    Click here to learn more about CT Scans and how to prepare for your exam.

    To learn what insurance providers UCPA participates with, click here.

    For CT scan pricing information, click here.


    CT Imaging (Effective 12/17/18)

    Patients will receive two bills for CT Imaging.

    1. UCPA for the technical component of having the CT scan at our facility.
    2. Quantum Imaging for the professional component — the professional interpretation/reading by a Radiologist for the report of your CT scan

    For questions regarding your bills, please call:

    UCPA: 717–724–4672
    Quantum Imaging: 1–877–932–5955