Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Urology of Central PA continues to remain open to serve our patients’ healthcare needs during the coronavirus pandemic for your urgent and emergent needs.

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    Updated 7/1/2021

    Updated Entry Screening and Self-Screening Guidelines
    As of June 1, facility entrance screening — including temperature measurement and employee self-screening — is phased out or modified across many UPMC locations.

    While COVID-19 is still a threat, we made these changes as a progressive step toward post-pandemic operations. We will continue to keep our patients, staff, and facilities safe. We learned that these resource-intensive interventions aren’t needed in some settings as the virus becomes less prevalent.

    An important reminder for any person planning to enter any UPMC facility: Stay home if you feel sick. Employees should contact their supervisor if ill. Patients should notify any providers if they are not feeling well, especially if their visit is unrelated to feeling ill.

    How Does This Impact Screening at Hospitals, Long-Term Care, and Outpatient Locations?
    Hospitals: UPMC is no longer performing facility entrance screening and temperature measurement at all hospitals, excluding UPMC Chautauqua, for patients, support persons, students, vendors, and non-UPMC health providers. UPMC Chautauqua will maintain entry screening (including employee self-screening) and temperature measurement in line with New York state guidelines.

    Long-Term Care: Long-term care facilities and transitional care units (hospital-based skilled nursing facilities) will continue following current facility entrance screening guidelines, including temperature measurement and employee screening, aligned with long-term care regulations. The vulnerable groups here are why we continue screening.

    Outpatient Locations: Pre-appointment screening for our hospital-based outpatient departments and outpatient locations has been adjusted, based on the current approach that varies by location. In advance of scheduled appointments, patients and support persons should stay home or opt for a virtual visit if they have COVID-19 symptoms.

    Employee Self-Screening Changes
    Most employees* no longer need to complete the electronic self-screening questionnaire prior to work shifts. However, everyone is still responsible for self monitoring for symptoms, contacting their supervisor if they feel sick, and always masking while on UPMC property. Remember that while the COVID-19 vaccines work very well, they are not 100% protection against COVID-19.

    * Consistent with maintaining entry screening and temperature measurement, UPM Chautauqua and all long-term care (UPMC Senior Communities) and transitional care unit (TCU) staff are still required to perform electronic daily self-screening.

    Uphold Our Masking and Support Person Guidelines
    Given our role in caring for many with varying vulnerability, UPMC will maintain masking in accordance with our infection prevention and control guidelines.

    Updated 02/11/2021

    COVID Vaccine Help via Primary Physicians or PA DOH Distributor Map
    UCPA has received many calls from patients seeking help to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine.

    As a urology practice, Urology of Central Pennsylvania is NOT a distributor of the COVID-19 vaccine and does NOT give out the vaccine at our locations.
    Please check with your primary care provider, as some providers are able to give COVID-19 vaccinations to their own patients.
    Otherwise, this map from the Pennsylvania Department of Health may help patients locate vaccination providers and availability.

    Pennsylvania Department of Health Vaccine Providers Map:

    Updated 11/23/2020

    Safety Policies and Visitor Guidelines During COVID-19
    Currently UCPA has policies in place to maximize the safety of all who enter our offices and ASC.  These safety policies include limiting people from accompanying patients to appointments, limiting the amount of time spent in office, social distancing, etc.

    Provider’s Office Visits
    When entering UCPA, all staff, patients and visitors are required to wear a mask, complete a screening form and have your temperature checked.  Any visitor who has any symptoms or fever will not be permitted to enter UCPA under any circumstances.

    In addition to patients, all staff, including physicians, are being screened for COVID-19 symptoms.  Staff with any symptoms of COVD-19 are being sent home and tested.  Staff with possible exposure to COVID-19 may require quarantine for a period of time prior to returning to work.

    Restrictions on Visitors, Families and Support People of Patients
    We are restricting visitors to avoid potential spread of the virus.  For all appointments and consultations, patients are not permitted to have anyone accompany them at UCPA locations except when needed for help with care (physically or mentally). If you feel you need help during your appointment, contact our office to ask if you may have one healthy person over the age of 18 approved to join you.  No children under the age of 18 will be permitted to join you under any circumstances.

    If someone drives you to your appointment, unless they are approved, they will not be permitted to wait inside the building.  They must wait for you outside of the building until your appointment is complete.

    All patients under 18 must have one healthy parent or guardian accompany them to their appointment.

    If you would like a family member or caregiver to hear what is discussed during your appointment with one of our providers you may elect to have them participate by phone.

    Telehealth appointments may be a safer option at this time for some diagnoses to keep your healthcare on track.

    Scheduling other testing and procedures
    We are doing our best to limit the time you are in our office to minimize any unnecessary exposure.  We will call to schedule any additional imaging, procedures, etc. instead of meeting face to face.

    We realize these restrictions may create challenges, and we are very sorry for any inconvenience they may cause but these are vital measures to ensure the safety of all our patients and staff.  If you have any questions/concerns, please call our office.

    Face Coverings and Masks
    To help maintain a healthy environment, we are requiring all patients and visitors to wear a face covering or mask at all times.  We ask that you bring your own face covering or mask to wear.

    • Your face covering or mask must fully cover both the nose and mouth.
    • Cloth masks, surgical masks, and regular N95 construction masks are permitted.
    • Face shields should not be worn instead of a mask, unless for medical reasons.

    Social Distancing
    We are trying to limit the number of people in the waiting rooms and registration lines and have reduced the seating to comply with social distancing.  Patient flows have been put into place to get patients in and out of the office with minimal contact with others.  Everyone should practice social distancing and try to restrict your mobility as much as possible.

    For more details of mitigation efforts effective 11/17/20:

    Updated 11/23/2020

    Please review our updated COVID Questionnaire before visiting our offices.

    Please review the updated Patient Policy.

    Updated 5/6/2020

    UCPA Reopens Surgery Center Following Health & Safety Guidelines
    Urology of Central PA reopened our Ambulatory Surgery Center on May 4, with a careful approach to ensure we follow all PA Department of Health and CDC guidelines.

    Almost two months ago, we asked you to discuss delaying elective medical and surgical care with your urologist during the COVID-19 threat. Today, we are requesting that you speak with your urologist about resuming your normal care and procedures at UCPA.

    Please, do not delay your care. As diseases advance, treatment may become more difficult.

    We have designed and implemented the safest possible healthcare environments in preparation for your return to normal clinic operation and use of elective medical care. Our team at UCPA is prepared to safely meet your needs. We encourage you to reach out to your doctors today and discuss their plan for your healthcare.

    What Changes to Expect
    While under our care you can expect the following changes as a part of our new process for keeping our patients safe while in our care:

    • Aggressive hand hygiene will be evident.
    • All of our staff will be wearing masks.
    • We will respect social distancing in public places.
    • We will practice on-going screening measures among healthcare workers and patients to identify anyone with fever, symptoms, or exposure history.
    • We will continue to offer telemed/telehealth options for your care.
    • Visitation will be limited in our facilities in order to prevent any spread of infection to our patients.

    At UCPA we are committed to helping our patients, our friends, our employees, our partner physicians and our communities resume life and work activities as safely and as soon as possible. If you would like to schedule an appointment with your provider or have any questions about resuming your medical care at UCPA, please contact us at Harrisburg 717-724-0720 or Camp Hill 717-763-1174.

    Protecting Patients and Staff with the SAFE Approach
    At UCPA, we are making every effort to ensure the safety of our staff and patients with some additional protocols in place.

    SAFE Approach at UCPA:
    Safety protocols: We’ve expanded use of personal protective equipment – for both patients and providers. All of our staff and providers will be wearing masks and following CDC-recommended hand hygiene protocols. We ask that our patients wear masks into the clinic.
    Adapting to new ways to treat patients. We will continue to offer telemed/telehealth.
    Facility changes – we’ll create more space in the waiting room, fewer patients in the practice at any given day/time, extensive cleaning and sanitation protocols are in place.
    Entry into the clinic – everyone will be screened prior to entry.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we work to keep everyone safe!

    Treatment FAQ

    Can I still do a telehealth appointment with my doctor instead of coming into the practice?
    Yes. There are situations where a virtual visit will accomplish your care needs. Our scheduling team can advise you when you call.

    Do I need to wear a mask into the clinic?
    Yes, we ask that all patients come to the clinic wearing a mask to protect themselves and others.  We will send you complete instructions for your next visit to our clinic.

    Where can I learn more about coronavirus?
    Go to for information about COVID-19, how to protect yourself and what to do if you are sick.

    Informed Consent Video Visit Form

    Updated 4/13/2020

    Telemed/Telehealth Services

    In light of the COVID-19 situation, UCPA has successfully transitioned our patient appointments to video appointments. Telemedicine/Telehealth has been around for a while but has become widely used in the last couple of weeks and covered by all insurances.

    What’s great about:

    1. It’s incredibly easy to use – you just need a smart phone or computer
    2. Like an office visit, it enables a private conversation between you and your doctor
    3. You don’t have to leave your house and can maintain social distancing
    4. Most importantly, we can continue to address your health care questions and concerns

    Our providers are also available for your urgent and emergent needs. We appreciate that you have trusted us with your care and we would like to continue supporting you.

    If you would like to set up an appointment, please call us: Harrisburg 717-724-0720 or Camp Hill 717-763-1174

    Patient’s View Tutorial Video
    Patient FAQ Info
    *Please note – Patients with iOS have had some difficulty with video visits and may wish to use another browser (Chrome, Explorer) for their call.
    Informed Consent Video Visit Form

    Updated 4/1/2020

    Telemedicine/Telehealth Services Now Available for Patients

    To provide the best continuity of care, convenience, and safety for our patients, we are now offering telemedicine/telehealth services as an option for patients who qualify for virtual visits.

    Telemedicine/Telehealth services offer a critical method of communication with your healthcare providers by giving patients remote access to certain care in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

    Existing patients are encouraged to change their appointments to telemedicine/telehealth visits during this time of social distancing, unless the issue is urgent or emergent.

    Most insurances cover telemedicine/telehealth virtual appointments the same way they would a regular office visit during this coronavirus crisis. Please call your insurance provider to verify.

    For the safety of patients and staff, if you have an in-office appointment and are experiencing the following symptoms: fever, difficulty breathing; shortness of breath, cough, diarrhea, recent loss of taste and/or smell, etc. that is not explained by another health condition, please call our office to reschedule your in-office visit to a telemedicine/telehealth visit.

    Call our Harrisburg office at 717-724-0720 or Camp Hill office at 717-763-1174 to see if you qualify or to schedule your appointment.

    Most appointments are able to be done remotely, but unfortunately, not all issues are suitable for telemedicine/telehealth. For that reason, we will accommodate those patients with in-office appointments utilizing precautionary screenings prior to the appointment, increased disinfection procedures in the office, social distancing as possible, and other precautionary measures as recommended by the CDC.

    As physicians, we know that delaying care often leads to greater issues down the road. Our team has worked diligently to provide this telemedicine/telehealth option so our patients can receive the best care possible.

    Informed Consent Video Visit Form


    UCPA Cares About You and Your Health

    Urology of Central Pennsylvania (UCPA) is deeply concerned for our patients, providers, staff, community, country, and the world.  We are challenged to balance the obligations to provide critical patient care, keep our staff and providers safe, maintain financial health for all, and to mitigate the spread of the virus.

    In response to the COVID-19 crisis, and Governor Wolfe’s order of 3/19/20 which includes an order to not perform elective surgical procedures, UCPA is making adjustments to how we deliver patient care.

    • Our clinics will be open ONLY for critical, urgent, and emergent Urologic care.  This is effective immediately and will continue through Friday 4/3/20, but is subject to extension if needed.
      • Provider schedules are being evaluated and those visits for services outside of the criteria (critical, urgent, and emergent) will be canceled for now.  The services will be rescheduled, at a later time, for a future date that cannot yet be determined.
      • Telehealth services will become a vital solution during this period.  We are currently configuring our technology systems to adapt and offer telehealth services.
    • Our providers will continue to serve the following hospitals:  UPMC Pinnacle Harrisburg Hospital, UPMC Pinnacle Community General Hospital, and UPMC Pinnacle West Shore Hospital.
    • UCPA Surgery Center will be closed immediately and through Friday 4/3/20, with further closures to be considered if needed.
    • Patients can call the following number to see if their Urologic needs fit the criteria (critical, urgent, and/or emergent).

    Camp Hill Office, 100 Corporate Center Dr., Camp Hill, PA 717-763-1174

    Harrisburg Office, 815 Sir Thomas Court, Harrisburg, PA 717-724-0720

    Note:  Patients MUST call first to be evaluated and screened.  Patients should NOT visit the clinics without calling and obtaining an appointment.  Hours of operation will be determined based upon patient demand.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding during this unprecedented period of time.


    UCPA cares about your health and the health of our staff. As your urology health specialists, we wanted to share what we are doing to keep you safe when you visit our clinics, CT Imaging, and Ambulatory Surgery Center.

    We continue to monitor developments related to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, and we are heeding the guidance of the PA Dept. of Health & the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

    We’re focused on our team members’ safety and health by keeping them informed with up-to-date information while emphasizing healthy workplace habits and re-emphasizing that team members should stay home if they are feeling ill.

    If you have a fever or upper respiratory symptoms like a cough, difficulty breathing, etc., please reschedule your appointment (717-724-0720).

    If you, someone you live with, or someone accompanying you has knowingly or likely been exposed to the Coronavirus through travel or other contacts, please reschedule your appointment (717-724-0720).

    If you arrive with symptoms, you will be sent home to protect other patients and our staff. We remain committed to doing our very best to care for you, our team members, and the community during this evolving situation.

    Please remember to use these precautions:

    1. Cover your face with a tissue or your elbow when you sneeze or cough.
    2. Wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face.
    3. If you witness others (patients or staff) with symptoms, please report it to us.
    4. If possible, maintain a safe distance from those around you.

    For more information on COVID-19, please visit:

    COVID-19 Nursing Home Patient Policy