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June 2021 Prostate Cancer Support Group Meeting Postponed

The June 17, 2021 Prostate Cancer Support Group Meeting has been postponed. Please join us for the July meeting where Caitlin Murphy from ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer will speak about the upcoming ZERO Prostate Cancer Walk/Run Harrisburg at City Island in September.

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ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer and Us TOO International Join Forces to Fight Prostate Cancer

zero and us too merger logo

The fight against prostate cancer just got stronger. ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer and international prostate cancer nonprofit Us TOO have merged into a combined organization.

Us Too International has 30 years of experience in serving those facing prostate cancer with educational resources, support services, more than 200 support groups, and personal connections.

The merger of these two organizations will provide enhanced services for prostate cancer patients, survivors and caregivers through increased prostate cancer awareness, advancing research, and increasing access to care.

UCPA has supported ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer for years through support, fundraising, and by coordinating the annual ZERO Prostate Cancer Run each September at City Island in Harrisburg.

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Men’s Health Month

For Men’s Health Month, Care for Your Body and Relationships

June 2021 is Men’s Health Month and UCPA encourages men to make mindful choices for their bodies and the choices that may benefit or strain relationships.

When discussing health, the obvious topics are diet and exercise – for good reason. Diet and exercise help maintain a healthy body, a healthier outlook on life (with good endorphins and fewer weight-related diseases or restrictions), and contribute to a positive self-image.

One of the undiscussed aspects of men’s health is sexual health.

Erectile Dysfunction – Don’t Suffer, Treatment is Available

Unless you are an avid ESPN-watcher and know all the commercials, it is likely that you haven’t discussed sexual health issues. Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual problems for men. Erectile dysfunction or ED is the inability to achieve or maintain an erect penis adequate for sexual intercourse. Nearly 25 million men suffer from ED.

Erectile dysfunction can significantly impact relationships with partners and self-image. Many times, common causes of erectile dysfunction are the result of poor diet and lack of exercise, hereditary diseases or a side effect of cancer treatment.

There are a variety of treatment options available for men suffering from ED – from medications to different therapeutic or surgical options. Depending upon the route chosen, many patients have an 80-90 percent satisfaction rate with their chosen option.

The physicians at UCPA have extensive experience with ED treatment and options.


Another aspect of men’s sexual health to consider is when you and your partner have completed your family. While many men hesitate at the thought of getting “snipped,” many men find that vasectomies make intercourse more enjoyable without the need for additional protection.

A vasectomy is a minor surgical procedure that men choose as a permanent form of birth control.

Vasectomies do not affect sex drive, ability to get an erection or ability to ejaculate.

Take Care of Yourself for Men’s Health Month

As you look at your lifestyle and consider how you can make positive changes this Men’s Health Month, remember to also consider your sexual health. UCPA’s staff is available to discuss options with you at any time.

Contact us by calling:

Harrisburg – 717-724-0720

Camp Hill – 717-762-1174


Take Dad Out to the Ballgame this Father’s Day with the Harrisburg Senators and PA Prostate Cancer Coalition

Take Dad Out to the Ballgame this Father’s Day with the Harrisburg Senators and PA Prostate Cancer Coalition

harrisburg senators logo

UCPA is proud to team up with the PA Prostate Cancer Coalition again this Father’s Day to celebrate the contributions of fathers to our society and remind men about the importance of prostate cancer screenings.

The organizations sponsor Father’s Day weekend at the Harrisburg Senators annually to draw attention to men’s health. The weekend of June 18 – 20, 2021, will feature special blue fireworks on Friday night, special blue jerseys that will be auctioned off, and a bucket hat giveaway. Get your tickets here:

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men and prevalence of the disease is going up. A January 2021 American Cancer Society study found the death rate from most cancers are going down, but prostate cancer diagnoses are projected to rise over the next year. One in eight men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer.

One of the best ways to survive a prostate cancer diagnosis is through early detection. The PA Prostate Cancer Coalition and UCPA encourage all men to be tested for prostate cancer beginning at 45 or younger, if there is a family history or if they are of African American descent. African American men have a higher rate of incidence for prostate cancer.

Urology of Central PA offers free prostate cancer screenings (both PSA blood tests and DRE – Digital Rectal Exams) for men over the age of 45 who have not been screened previously. To schedule your free screening, call our offices at 717-763-1174 (Camp Hill) or 717-724-0720 (Harrisburg).

pa prostate cancer coalition



Dr. Vanessa Elliott Appointed Section Chief for Urology at UPMC

Dr. Vanessa Elliott Appointed Section Chief for Urology at UPMC

doctor vanessa elliott

Urology of Central Pennsylvania proudly announces that Dr. Vanessa Elliott has been named Section Chief for Urology at UPMC. Dr. Elliott was selected and appointed by the UPMC Urology Department Chair.

As Section Chief for Urology, Dr. Elliott will assist with the oversight of appointments and clinical privileges, interview applicants, and review performance of staff in the urology section.

This appointment honors the dedicated, high-quality work that Dr. Elliott has performed through UCPA at UPMC. Congratulations Dr. Elliott!


Prostate Cancer Diagnoses and Deaths Predicted to Increase in 2021

Prostate cancer continues to be one of the most prevalent cancers among men in the United States and cancer researchers predict an alarming 30 percent rise in new cases in 2021, according to reports by the American Cancer Society and analysis by ZERO-The End of Prostate Cancer.

“The importance of regular prostate screenings among men cannot be emphasized enough,” said Dr. Thomas Clements of Urology of Central Pennsylvania. “Black, non-Hispanic men are at an especially high risk for prostate cancer. Their risk for developing prostate cancer is nearly 80 percent higher than non-Hispanic white men and their death rate from prostate cancer is more than double that of other men.”

The growth in prevalence of prostate cancer may be in part due to delayed visits to the doctor in 2020. Since early detection plays a major part in successfully treating and overcoming the disease, men are strongly encouraged to schedule a yearly prostate cancer screening.

A prostate cancer screening includes a simple blood test to determine prostate-specific antigens (PSA) and may include a digital rectal exam. These easy tests can be performed by a family practice physician or at a urologist’s office, like UCPA’s offices in Camp Hill or Harrisburg.

Urology of Central PA offers free prostate cancer screenings (both PSA blood tests and DRE – Digital Rectal Exams) for men over the age of 45 who have not been screened previously. To schedule your free screening, call our offices at 717-763-1174 (Camp Hill) or 717-724-0720 (Harrisburg).


Christopher Caputo, MD, Joins UCPA in August 2021

Christopher Caputo, MD, Joins UCPA in August 2021

chris caputo to join ucpa banner

Urology of Central Pennsylvania is excited to announce the arrival of Dr. Christopher Caputo to the practice in August 2021.

Dr. Caputo will be affiliated with UPMC PinnacleHealth systems and will perform surgeries at the UCPA Ambulatory Surgery Center and West Shore Surgery Center.

As an active member of the American Urological Association, Christopher Caputo, MD, joins UCPA from Lehigh University and Temple University School of Medicine. He performed his internship at Temple University Hospital and residency at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. While there, he participated in the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society.

Dr. Caputo’s clinical interests include minimally invasive surgery, urologic oncology, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), kidney stone surgery, erectile dysfunction, and voiding dysfunction.

When not working, Dr. Caputo enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, jogging, live music, and cooking.

Welcome Dr. Christopher Caputo!

Dr Christopher Caputo MD


2021 Simply The Best Voting Opens on April 15

2021 Simply The Best Voting Opens on April 15

Thank you for nominating Urology of Central PA as Simply The Best Medical Specialist Clinic in Harrisburg Magazine’s 2021 Award competition!

We were honored to be selected as one of the top five nominees. We need your votes to bring home the title in 2021!

Urology of Central Pennsylvania encourages you to take the time to vote for worthwhile organizations in the competition. We would be honored to have your vote as well!

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Votes will be accepted until June 15, 2021.

Thank you for your continued support of Urology of Central Pennsylvania!


Dr. Scott Owens Discusses Enlarged Prostate (BPH) Symptoms and Treatment

In a free educational seminar, Urology of Central PA’s Dr. Scott Owens discusses the impact of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) or the enlarged prostate.

Dr. Owens begins the seminar by discussing the importance of the prostate gland, defining BPH and diagnosis methods, and then reviewing treatments that have proven effective for his patients – including the UroLift(R) procedure.

Watch the seminar here:

If you are unable to view the embedded video, please click here to view it.