Dr. Owens Awarded Leadership Role within UPMC PinnacleHealth

Urology of Central Pennsylvania congratulates Dr. R. Scott Owens for his newly-appointed leadership role within the UPMC PinnacleHealth system.

As of November 16, 2020, Dr. Owens was awarded the role of Chair in the Department of Surgery for UPMC PinnacleHealth. Dr. Owens has been an active member of the medical staff at UPMC PinnacleHealth hospitals and the Department of Surgery since 1995 as a Urologist.

Upon receipt of this position, Dr. Owens shared a letter with the department and healthcare providers. Here is an excerpt from that letter.

Health care is the foundation built for compassion, caring and transparency and the center of all we do [as healthcare providers], providing safe, quality care for the people we serve. Surgical Services is the engine that runs healthcare and it’s essential we continue to provide and perform at the highest level. 

To ensure our commitment in providing the high-quality care that our patients and communities expect, we are always exploring opportunities to improve. I appreciate [my fellow healthcare providers’] contributions and dedication to ensuring that our patients and our communities receive high-quality care.”

Thank you, Dr. Owens, for stepping into this new leadership role and advocating for high-quality, accessible and affordable healthcare for our community.

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