UCPA Offers Test to Clear Chronic Urinary Infections

Working with MicroGen DX, Urology of Central PA now proudly offers a fast, accurate and comprehensive diagnostic test to identify microbes causing chronic urological infections. The two-part test extracts DNA from patient samples and compares it to a database of more than 25,000 species to accurately identify offending microbes. Armed with this new information, our physicians make the most appropriate treatment decisions, resulting in better outcomes and faster pain relief.

Since 1880, the predominate diagnostic tool for identifying microbes has been via traditional cultures that attempt to grow the microbes in a laboratory setting. Unfortunately, testing has identified that less than 1% of microbes grow in cultures, inhibiting proper diagnoses and extending healing time.

UCPA’s work with MicroGen DX Labs provides superior diagnostics with the new two-part test. First, UCPA’s lab will perform an initial urology PCR test to identify the most common bacteria in the infection. Second, a follow-up test called Next-Generation DNA Sequencing (NGS) will identify bacteria and/or fungus that were not found in the initial panel and may be contributing to the urological infection. Advancements in genomic testing provide 99.9% accuracy in the detection of all microbes within a urological infection for targeted treatment decisions.

Testing is easy. Our staff will collect a urine sample at our offices and run it through rapid detection. Our physicians will then determine whether the sample should be sent to the MicroGen DX Laboratory for the NGS test. Test results should be returned in approximately 3 – 5 business days.

Patient costs for the two-part test may vary depending on patient insurance.

If you are dealing with chronic urological infections, please ask your UCPA physician about the new MicroGen DX test. For questions, call our offices at 717-724-0720 or 717-763-1174.

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