Local Urology Practice Honored with National Award

The celebration honored the staff of Urology of Central Pennsylvania for their impressive impact in the fight against prostate cancer

Washington, D.C. — On February 23, 2020, ZERO rolled out the “blue” carpet for the second annual Bold for Blue Award Ceremony — a celebration of the passionate and dedicated men, women, and families who have made a bold impact in the fight against prostate cancer. The ceremony was held on the first night of the ZERO Summit, an annual gathering of prostate cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers from all across the country.

The Bold for Blue Awards is the only national awards program that recognizes prostate cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers for their efforts in fundraising, advocacy, and community impact. This year’s ceremony featured three award categories including Legacy, Top Fundraisers, as well as the first-ever Impact Awards.

The new Impact Awards honor three individuals who have gone above and beyond in their community to end prostate cancer. The Impact Awards are a new addition alongside the existing awards to the top 25 ZERO fundraisers, which will again be recognized in 2020.

A hearty congratulations to the first-ever nominees for the Impact Awards: Valerie Donahue, Maureen Ferguson, Peter Fisher, Mark Good, Chris Hartley, Randy Kam, DeMetrius Kee, Christine McMillan, Joseph Musumeci, Dr. Scott Owens of Urology of Central Pennsylvania, Stan Rosenfeld, Mike Rotz, and Suzanne Schlernitzauer!

Three honorees also took home Legacy Awards on Sunday evening. Legacy Awards honor those who have shown passionate commitment and dedication over many decades of service to the prostate cancer community.

Legacy Award winner Urology of Central Pennsylvania (UCPA) in Harrisburg, PA, has raised more than $1M for men and their families by planning and organizing the annual Harrisburg ZERO Cancer Run/Walk for more than a decade. These funds have been used to support research, provide free testing and educational materials, patient programs, and more in the Harrisburg area. Other Legacy Award winners include a Virginia family who rally their local politicians around prostate cancer awareness, and an entrepreneur who donated vehicles for mobile testing.

“Urology of Central Pennsylvania all gone to great lengths to improve the lives of the many patients and families facing prostate cancer,” said ZERO CEO Jamie Bearse. “Their efforts have raised critical funds, awareness, increased research funding, and helped prostate cancer patients get the support and information they need. We can’t ZERO out prostate cancer without their hard work and dedication.”

The ceremony was sponsored by AbbVie, and was hosted by ZERO CEO Jamie Bearse, ZERO Director of Donor Relations Shawn K. Supers, and ZERO Board of Directors member Don Slaght. The 2020 Bold for Blue Awards streamed live on Sunday. A recording is available on Facebook at More information can also be found here:

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