What Happens After You Survive Prostate Cancer — Herschel Chalk’s Story

For Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in September, Urology of Central Pennsylvania partnered with other organizations to increase awareness about the disease. While many draw attention to prevention and treatment of prostate cancer, it is also important to recognize the ways that it may change a man’s life.

After a man survives prostate cancer, there may be complications that significantly affect his life — his sex life and relationship with his partner.

There are ways that Urology of Central PA can help, as showcased by the story below. Many options are available to help men regain a healthy sex life following prostate cancer. If you are suffering, Urology of Central PA can help. Please contact us today.

Manhood challenged — Herschel Chalk’s story

Herschel Chalk
Herschel Chalk

Herschel Chalk is a 22-year, two-time prostate cancer survivor.

Like Bogard, Chalk said getting a penile implant was one of the best decisions he’s ever made.

Unlike Bogard, Chalk had been searching for a solution to correct his ED for quite some time. He tried everything from pills to injections to vacuum pumps, but nothing helped. ED was taking its toll on him and his relationship with his wife at the time. “I thought you can’t be a man if you can’t satisfy a woman. It was affecting my psyche and my feeling of needing to feel whole,” Chalk said. “I thought my manhood was being challenged.”

“I was only concerned about my livelihood,” he continued. “For me, when you don’t have an erection, you don’t have affection. If can’t get where I want to go, why start the journey? It’s how I was raised.”

The two have been divorced for a number of years, and today Chalk is single and dating.

“The implants work for me, my sex life and my girlfriend,” said Chalk, whose attitude toward sex has been tempered a bit. “Sex doesn’t have anything to do with being a man,” he said.

The procedure

Penile implants have been around since the early ’70s and have proven to be the most effective over the years and without the side effects that come with other ED treatments.

“The implants can be inflated or deflated whenever you want, allowing for more control over an erection,” said Dr. Lawrence Jenkins, a clinical assistant professor with the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

Even so, penile implants are one of the most underutilized treatments, said Dr. Gregory Lowe, a urologist and men’s sexual health specialist for OhioHealth, who performs penile implant surgeries in the Columbus area.

A penile implant is designed to be a permanent solution to ED. It is completely contained inside the body and allows couples to be spontaneous – which is difficult with other treatment options.

Men are able to maintain their erection as long as they want, and the implant does not typically interfere with orgasm or ejaculation.

Both Bogard and Chalk were so pleased with the results that they conduct group and one-on-one talks with other men struggling with erectile dysfunction who are considering getting an implant.

“I’ve found guys aren’t prone to surgery because they don’t know about it,” Bogard said. “Or they are concerned about going under.”

Added Chalk, “(Men) have conditioned themselves into thinking that they don’t need sex anymore. They say ‘I don’t care because there’s nothing I can do about it.’”

“But knowledge is power,” Chalk continued.

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