What Happens After You Survive Prostate Cancer — Danny Bogard’s Story

For Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in September, Urology of Central Pennsylvania partnered with other organizations to increase awareness about the disease. While many draw attention to prevention and treatment of prostate cancer, it is also important to recognize the ways that it may change a man’s life.

After a man survives prostate cancer, there may be complications that significantly affect his life — his sex life and relationship with his partner.

There are ways that Urology of Central PA can help, as showcased by the story below. Many options are available to help men regain a healthy sex life following prostate cancer. If you are suffering, Urology of Central PA can help. Please contact us today.

A disconnect — Danny Bogard’s story

Danny Bogard
Danny Bogard

Danny Bogard had resigned himself to never having sex again. He was 56 when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had surgery to remove his prostate.

Bogard’s doctors were very up-front with him before his prostate surgery. “They told me I would be impotent,” said Bogard, now 70. “It was very clear that my sex life was over.”

A radical prostatectomy involves removing the entire prostate and surrounding tissue, which might include the seminal vesicles and some lymph nodes. Twenty or so years ago, the surgery was more invasive. Now, laparoscopic surgery provides more precision whereby a surgeon makes several small incisions using a robotic device.

At the time, Bogard said he was fine with the prognosis. “I figured I’m getting older, and my wife was very understanding. We had had a good sex life up until then. I thought everything would be OK.”

But it wasn’t. There was a mental, emotional and physical void in his life — and with his wife.

It wasn’t until eight years later when Bogard was at a VA hospital (he’s a Vietnam War vet) that he learned about penile implants from one of his doctors.

“No one in all those years had ever mentioned it,” he said. “I was so frustrated. I immediately said yes (to getting an implant).”

In 2010, Bogard received a three-piece inflatable penile implant, and he couldn’t be happier.

“It’s very discrete; it works well every time, and I’m able to have orgasms,” he said. “The emotional and spiritual aspect of having an orgasm is even more enhanced, because I went eight years without it.”

Bogard is still happily married, but the couple went through a rough patch because of the erectile dysfunction. Bogard said he didn’t realize — until after the fact — the emotional and physical distance that he had allowed to come between the two of them.

“Men don’t talk about things,” Bogard said. “I pushed my wife away. It wasn’t her fault, but (ED) was a constant reminder of what I wasn’t able to do. So I started doing things that I could do alone and not involve her.”

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