UCPA Celebrates Father’s Day at the Harrisburg Senators & Raises Awareness for Prostate Cancer

Once again, Urology of Central PA helped families make great memories with their dads this Father’s Day and for years to come. We proudly sponsored the weekend at the Harrisburg Senators with some of our partners to raise awareness of prostate cancer. The disease is the second most common cancer in men and one in nine men will face prostate cancer in their lifetime.

 Since men generally shy away talking about their health, Urology of Central PA brought out physicians and clinicians during the Father’s Day weekend games to talk with dads about prostate cancer screenings, testing, treatments and more. 

 CBS21 promoted the games with some nice coverage.

Watch them here: and

 Didn’t make it to the game? Urology of Central PA offers free prostate cancer screenings:

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