Thank You, Physicians

National Doctor’s Day — March 30, 2019

On March 30, we celebrated National Doctor’s Day with many others in our community. The role of physician has grown over the years and now includes many unique challenges. We acknowledge the tenacity and dedication of our wonderful physicians who work for the best interest of their patients.

In recognition of the healers in our community, Urology of Central Pennsylvania has compiled some of the kind words of our partners and our patients. Please remember to thank your health care providers for their hard work throughout the year.

The Dauphin County Medical Society shared, “Whether it’s in an emergency room in Idaho or delivering a newborn in the suburbs of Philadelphia, a physician listens to symptoms, watches for signs, analyzes and consults to make the best decisions [that] their years of training and dedication can provide.”

The Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society recognized the important work that is done by physicians each day as medical professionals.

From our Facebook page, encouraging comments were posted thanking physicians for everything that they have done for patients, for their patience, support, and skill.

National Doctor’s Day dates back to 1933, but it was not recognized as a national holiday in the U.S. until 1990. It is an important day of recognition that celebrates and honors the vital role physicians play in the lives of their patients, communities and society as a whole. Thank you, physicians!

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