UCPA Encourages Patients and Families to get a Flu Shot

The 2017-18 flu season was one of the most severe in years, killing a record number of children and causing some shortages of Tamiflu. Health officials are encouraging everyone six months old and older (with no contraindications) to get a flu shot.

Flu shots take two weeks for flu-fighting antibodies to develop, so officials are encouraging people to get shots early in the season before flu outbreaks occur.

Last year, about 40% of North Americans received the flu shot. 80% of the children who died last flu season had not received a flu shot. For those who received a flu shot, there were 40% fewer flu-associated hospitalizations and 82% fewer ICU admittance related to flu-like illness.

A great resource to learn more about the 2018-19 flu vaccine, research the vaccine and identify where to get a vaccine is the CDC website.

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