“Taking Care of Business” 4-2-2016

Michael Parks Discusses the Importance of Prostate Exams and Treating Prostate Cancer with Urology of Central Pennsylvania’s Dr. Scott Owens

One in seven men will get prostate cancer. And for some it could be fatal. It’s the second leading cause of death of men here in Pennsylvania. During the early stages of prostate cancer there are NO symptoms. Once it has advanced, it’s probably not curable.

That’s why the American Cancer Society recommends annual screening for all men over the age of 50. We’ll learn all about the prostate and the importance of prostate screenings and what treatments are available for prostate cancer here in Central PA at Urology of Central PA.

Dr. Scott Owens will offer expert advice and information. We will also speak with a co-worker of Michael Parks, Mike Jessep, who was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer.

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