Doctors advise men not to ‘fear the finger’

Doctors advise men not to ‘fear the finger’

Their rallying cry has been “Don’t fear the finger.”

Advocates of prostate health continue to promote the dreaded, but necessary, prostate exam.

The doctors at Urology of Central PA want men to be as diligent with that test as women generally are about breast cancer exams.

“Men on the other hand…it’s not a very comfortable thing to have to come in and get a digital rectal exam. However, it’s short-lived,” Dr. Frank D’Amico said.

And it’s very helpful.

This Friday, Urology of Central PA is co-hosting a 5K run/walk. It starts at 6:00 p.m. on Harrisburg’s City Island. That’s the zero prostate cancer run/walk.

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