The success of Urology of Central PA (UCPA) has never hinged on one, single doctor.

On the contrary, UCPA's strength comes from the collective experience of many talented professionals who cross~consult as necessary to provide our region's most advanced, yet compassionate urologic care. As a group, we pride ourselves on being accessible and responsive to the urgent nature of our specialty. By harnessing the professional resources of our team of urologists, UCPA is able to provide faster appointments, faster diagnoses and faster treatments while remaining keenly attuned to the need for timely consultation and meaningful, individualized care.

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Here are some of the hundreds of patient testimonials we have received…

  • Dr Tucker is the greatest doctor my husband an I have ever encountered. Not only is he great at his profession but He also has a great personality, bed side manner, is straight up with you an goes way beyond what is expected of him.

    My husband had been dealing with some medical issues an after a cat scan an MRI was called by PcP office an told they thought he had cancer an that we needed to see a list of different specialists. No clear explanation of test results or why we were seeing all these different docs. This type of news should have never been given over the phone.

    Dr Tucker was the first doc we saw an ask why were there to see him an our answer was we weren't sure. He asked if any one went over all the test results an when we told him no he went way above an explained every test result to us in layman terms. He even went as far as explaining to us what the hematologist/oncologist would probably do an how they would do the liver biopsy an He was correct.

    They didn't even explain it when they sent us for it, but thanks to Dr Tucker we knew what to expect. Explaining all these results was not his job but the job of the doc who ordered the test. The Hematologist office couldn't get him in for another 2 weeks an he encouraged me to push for sooner an I did an was able to get him in a week earlier.

    Even though were still scared of my husband diagnosis, we left Dr Tuckers office feeling relieved knowing what we could expect. I can't thank him enough for what he did for us that day. I wish there was such a thing as a doctor of all trades an it was Dr Tucker, if there was he would be the only doc my entire family would see. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING DR.TUCKER

    -The P Family


  • Thank you for seeing me in the absence of my urologist. I do really appreciate the fact that you wanted to run labs, not only because it was prudent to so, but more importantly because you knew it would give me peace of mind. That is the true measure of a phenomenal physician and I applaud you.


  • Thank you for your kindness and generosity you extended to me. It was very much appreciated. Thank you for being a mentor, friend and supporter to our family. May you always be the special person you are as you continue your journey.


  • I want to thank you for being my doctor and for taking care of me. Your kindness, concern and the time you spend with me is very much appreciated. Answering my questions and calming my fears is very reassuring… I am happy to be your patient for the last 7 years


  • When you informed me of my biopsy results, I know you looked surprised when I said “thanks for finding my cancer”. It probably sounded strange. It was not that I was pleased that my cancer was back; it was my gratitude that you did find it and thus enabled treatment to take place.

    Some urologist who was less aggressive, less thorough and not as highly skilled as you might never have found it. That’s why I said, “Thank you” with words, then and why I am now following it up with flowers, as a more tangible thank you.

    I thank God constantly for the fact that you became my urologist some years ago. You have had a major, positive impact on my life and no amount of words, flowers, etc can adequately say thanks.

    You are a very special person, the care you give is fantastic and your impact medically and otherwise, on us, your patients is simply phenomenal.

    You are and will continue to be, in my prayers, that God will continue to bless you for the way you bless us, your patients. TL


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