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“UPMC Urology of Central PA providers have a long history of providing top quality, convenient urologic care. We are pleased to welcome these skilled specialists to our UPMC network.” Philip Guarneschelli, president, UPMC Central Pa. Region

UPMC Urology of Central PA's strength comes from the collective experience of many talented professionals who provide our region's most advanced, compassionate urologic care. By harnessing the professional resources of our team of urologists, UPMC Urology of Central PA is able to provide meaningful, individualized care.

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Here are some of the hundreds of patient testimonials we have received…

  • "Dr Harpster, Thank you! I really appreciate the great care you gave to my mom. Your call last week was very appreciated because I know how busy you are. She is doing great thanks to you!"


  • “I just received a CAT scan and I wanted to call and put in a good word for Stephanie (CT Tech). She did a real nice job. She is very talented & professional but also added the human element with a good bedside manner. It was a very pleasant experience for getting an IV and going through the machine. I could sense that she has a very blessed way of making people feel at ease. Thank you - it was one of the most comfortable procedures that have had in a long time and I have had a number of these over the years. I just want to give her a well-deserved pat on the back. You guys are doing a good job. Thank you- I think the work that you do, support people like me, because if we find things that need to be looked at further -it could mean saving a lot of lives- thank you very much. It's pleasure working with you - keep up the really good work …” -WL


  • “Thank you for the help and care you’ve given me since becoming your patient. I worked for a wonderful orthopedic surgeon who often cared for patients two other surgeons did not do the best job with. I wrote that so you’d understand how difficult it can be for me to trust physicians. That said, your competence and caring made it easy to trust you and I really appreciate being your patient. Doctors like you are increasingly rare.” With gratitude, JDR


  • “I just had laser surgery done by Dr. Brown and he has made an immense difference in my life. I just want it to be known and get the praise he deserves also the nurses really care.” -JR


  • “I'm sure you have heard that Mark passed earlier this month. I want to thank you for the many years you cared for Mark as well. Without your care, he could never have lived so long. He actually enjoyed coming to your office, and we both thought of you as our friend. I will never forget all you did for Mark, and I thank you.” -KZ


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